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  1. Helllo. It looks really interesting ! And reminds me a lil bit to Unity. But this is good sign. Some questions that pops out of my mind: - is it fully compatible with threejs ? - are you able to manually update threejs ? - what about "shader editor" ? - what about "visual scripting" ? - i guess it exports as a core html5 -webGL , but are there any automated publishing options to different devices maybe ? - vector graphics support ? - import formats ? ok, i quit. It is to early to ask so many things. I understand it is in alpha-stage. Maybe you can share your thoughts & plans for the future. Would be great if you can say that some of my questions are on your agenda. Thx & cheers.
  2. i liked intel XDK too ! Don´t know why they didn´t developt it firther. Very sad ! PhongeGap -> is only online , right ? Therefore i don´t like it. And its from Adobe, as i know. Cordova / CordovaCLi can be used offline. But it doesn´t have a good performance. It is bad, i would say. Didn´t heard about "Capacitor" right now, thx for the info. Maybe it is a alternative ? I will try it out, as soon as possible
  3. @drmop Is Booty5 still in development ? It looks interesting to me, especially the svg-support. I downloaded it, and i am wondering about the "installation-process" on windows OS. I followed where the installation writes folders / files. And sadly it puts many cryptic folders / files onto drive C:: users/-current-user-/AppData/ etc ... It seems there is not a usual *.exe file to start the app. Somehow i need to more often to start the setup.exe. Is there any plans to build a better structure of the app / installation ? What would be great, if you could provide more something like a portable version. I think this could be done via "node.js" or similar thing. Otherwise guys like me are afraid to use it ...
  4. I also know (which i find very good), and i know intel XDK which is not longer supported. As you, i am curious if there any alternatives exists. I don´t like the "Cloud-Based" alternatives. It would be great if someone know any "offline" alternatives to or something similar to converting / wrapping HTML5 to native.