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  1. do you already instantiate game.Playscreen.pnjManager? probably game.Playscreen.pnjManager is null so you have to instantiate first
  2. it seems game.Playscreen.pnjManager doesnt have method with name removeChild(), what is parent's "other"? you should remove from the parent
  3. something like this, sprite.setWidth(200) so i dont need to use sprite.scale() anymore
  4. please add method like setWidth() and setHeight(), for me is easier than using method scale().
  5. it does not provide console on phonegap andorid, so i need to user alert window to catch error. Yeah probably game.onload(); called first before game.js loaded, but i dont know why
  6. actually this is happened only on phonegap, on browser run fine. So i thinks there's no wrong in game.js
  7. Here's the error : me.device.onReady(function onReady() { game.onload(); });
  8. alrigth i got this, i just submit the score without context id and the score is saved to leaderboard.
  9. i try to submit score to leaderboard but got an error like this: code: "LEADERBOARD_NOT_FOUND" message: "A leaderboard with the name "Leaderboard.0" was not found", after call FBInstant.initializeAsync( ) and FBInstant.startGameAsync(), i call this FBInstant.context .createAsync('100') .then(function() { //bla bla }); i dont undestand why context id became 0 instead 100, thanks!!
  10. @obiot is there an update about this?
  11. here is my code, i only know this, dont know how to add animation this._super(me.GUI_Object, "init", [ posX,posY, { image : game.texture, framewidth : imgWidth, frameheight : imgHeight, region : imgNames[0], }]);
  12. i thinks this is still not fixed var scale = { mul : 1, } this.TweenScale = new me.Tween(scale).to({mul:1.01}, 500). onUpdate(()=>{ this.scale(scale.mul, scale.mul); }); this.TweenScale.easing(me.Tween.Easing.Quadratic.Out); this.TweenScale.start(); here is the result, see the big purple circle, when scaling its position changed
  13. currently im using method setRegion to change frame on GUI_Object, but i want change it like Entity using setCurrentAnimation. this.renderable = game.texture.createAnimationFromName(imgNames); this.renderable.addAnimation ("on", [0]); this.renderable.addAnimation ("off", [1]); this.renderable.setCurrentAnimation("on"); When i run this code on GUI_Object i got an error. So how to achieve this on GUI_Object ?? thanks
  14. yes i managed to fix it, i'm using math.atan2 to calculate angle, btw thanks for playing my game