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  1. @themoonrat It isn't about 'a sawtooth memory'. The problem that I have lags with simple animation. Have you seen the video? canvas
  2. @mattstyles thx for reply. I've recorded this video without devtools, also you can open jsbin link,output and you will see same issue, because I've checked it on macos, windows, and linux. In ff I don't have this problem.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm trying to implement simple game. I use canvas 2d, but I've met performance problems in chrome, you can see it on the video between 2-5s Simple example of code:,output. Also I've tried leave empty requestAnimationFrame fn and looks like it has memory leaks and I've found this bug, but I saw a lot of great html5 games without bugs. What I can do with it? Thx for any help. canvas