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    clays reacted to mattstyles in Any direct gamers forum you can recommend me?   
    Reddit is pretty popular for finding communities and audiences
    r/roguelikedev for example
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    clays got a reaction from khleug35 in [Panda2] Dead Gunner   
    Nice work! May wanna change the "Loading" text to retro style as well. 😁
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    clays got a reaction from zoki_y8 in Y8 Destroys Your Games (and websites)   
    Honestly as a game developer I support Y8's action. I hope more publishers who really do buy game licenses from the developers would do the same. I don't see a problem here (again, as a developer).
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    clays got a reaction from Riddik in Zombie Strike   
    This looks well-polished, good work. It's been a year since it has been developed. How's this game going?