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  1. This month, payment came even earlier, bravo!
  2. This time the payment from the GameDistribution was received on time. I hope this will continue.
  3. Latest news. Gamemonetize still pays regularly and on time, we wish them to improve attendance.)
  4. The site has a period of 60 days, which is twice as much as in other advertising networks. Therefore, adding another 10-14 days to this deadline is frustrating.
  5. Payment received. But seriously, every time create a post to get paid?)
  6. Greetings again. And again, we have the same problem. It has been 71 days since the end of August. And again we cannot receive our payment on time.
  7. About twenty. Low site traffic - therefore, income is low.
  8. For those who follow the topic) Payments from gamemonetize still arrive on time clearly. And they do not charge Pay Pal commission, unlike gamedistribution. It remains to wish the guys more attendance.))
  9. Hello again! As promised - I keep in touch, today came the payment for July. I hope that now payments will be received every month without delay.
  10. On their page it is indicated that the payment threshold is $ 30, but, apparently, they canceled it. Or is it a bug. I got $ 2.88)
  11. I also want to share with you the news about gamemonetize.com - there really is an automatic payment and it arrived after 30 days, as promised, although the income is very small, due to the low traffic to this site. Judging by the payment amount, they generally canceled the payment threshold. Although initially it was $ 30. Well, I just do not mind)
  12. Hello again! As promised - I keep in touch, today came the payment for June. Which is very pleasing, I hope that in the future payments will be received monthly without delay.