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  1. As the title says I sell the whole game and the resources I use to do it including sprites, the 3d models I use for music sprites, the game, everything, I am not selling a license, once purchased it will become your property, it will be I sell it to the one who makes me an offer that I cannot refuse, I sell it in dollars. contact me on my facebook: Ivan Jesus HJ Rojas chaparro phone: +58 412-163-26-75 email: thisivan@hotmail.com I speak Spanish not English It's a fighting game, I haven't published or distributed
  2. Hello community html5gamedevs I am new to the forum and new to the business of selling licenses html5, I need help because I have not managed to sell my first game, I uploaded the game to market but rejected it and they did not tell me why, help me as I get a sponsor for my game, I am interested in sponsors, my game is a combat similar to that of mortal kombat but without so much violence it is 2d thank all the help please