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  1. Link It Up! is a casual, puzzle platforming game. In this game you need to link up the line to make your way through the level. Link It Up! features 30 levels that include interesting puzzles as well as cool platforming challenges.

    You can Play it here:


    Link It Up! is available for non-exclusive licensing so if you're interested in licensing it contact me via email: alienplay44@gmail.com



  2. Here are some things I think you should change:

    • The "Featured Games" section and everything bellow it on the right side feels a little overcrowded
    • Navigation bar - I think you should put Community Forum on the right side and everything else on the left

    You really did a good job with Browser Games/Home section. It's great that users immediately have option to play the game you reviewed. Although, here you could just say 5/5 instead of "Average Rating: 5 out of 5".

  3. Fling is a 2D platforming game with Grappling Hook as the only way to move.
    Gameplay itself is focused around one key mechanic and that's moving with grappling hook. Everything else in the game is centered around this kind of movement.
    Game features Endless mode in addition to 30 main levels. Fling is fun, challenging and addictive web game and it really tests your skills.

    Fling Trailer

    You can play Fling on Armor Games.






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