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    AlienplayGames got a reaction from Umz in Reap - Throw spells to slow things down   
    Reap is a game in which you can take life and give it back to anything that moves. When something is ‘out of life’ it moves slower and vice versa. Reap features 24 levels that reward thoughtful playing, skill and patience.
    Play it here: https://www.kongregate.com/games/Alienplay/reap

    Let me know what you think about the game. Thanks!
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    AlienplayGames reacted to -AAG- in AAG batch of games #4   
    Another year another batch of games. This was a slow year and the year of the sequel too.
    Joe Lost 2

    Joe is lost again! Please help him. ABCya exclusive. Playable only on desktop unless you have a mobile account.
    Light On 2

    The exclusive sequel to Light On only on ABCya.com! Playable only on desktop unless you have a mobile account.
    Bridge Hopper

    Hop from bridge to bridge to eat all the carrots or Bunny will cry   ABCya exclusive. Playable only on desktop unless you have a mobile account.
    Money Land 2

    Back to Money Land! In this strange new area your gravity will flip every time you stump a critter. ABCya exclusive. Playable only on desktop unless you have a mobile account.
    Jon Lightning

    Jon can move too fast for his own good. Help him. A port/adaptation of one of my old windows games under the Alexitron banner.
    Boxed 2

    More Boxed fun. Now with metal boxes, moving walls, and holes!
    Lost Joe

    The none-exclusive edition of the Joe Lost games by popular demand.
    That was 2018 for me. Hope you guys had a good year as well. You can check out the rest of my catalog at www.gamesaag.com. I am thinking of removing the freebies section altogether. 
    A question for fellow developers: I was thinking about making a mobile app with a compilation of some of my games and then continue to add to it as I make more. Anyone tried something similar? Simple puzzle games seems to be  what I do best but I don't mind to experiment. I was thinking about 1080p resolution and hi-res graphics though I really like the style that I have been developing, maybe I'll try to reproduce it with 3d pixels instead. Thoughts?
    For GameMaker: Studio users: Tried to get into Studio 2 and just couldn't. That new user interface is an abomination and the node based events, I just don't get it. I hope they make a classic shell in the future for old farts who have been using GM for over 10 years. Hard to adapt now.
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    AlienplayGames reacted to b10b in Current state of the market   
    If sponsorship is a micro-niche that generates small value then where might bigger value exist?  Gambling, social, adult, advertising - these are the areas web-interactive growth has historically occurred.  I think there's evidence it exists for HTML5 today (via trend analysis, user habits, job postings), but that's arguably a far cry from making games in a purest sense.  Bets could also be made on emerging gaming trends like .IO or IM games.  Alternatively HTML5 gamedev skills are highly transferable to SPAs or UXD.  Whatever the choice, there's a fair amount of insurance in the technology stack.
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    AlienplayGames reacted to b10b in Current state of the market   
    @True Valhalla, wow you've been busy with retrospective editing of your posts!  It is appropriate to wish to correct your originally bullish remarks, but less appropriate to use such corrections to call others names or to promote profiteering click-bait?  Suggestion: mark future edits with the word "edit", "addition" or "clarification".  For the record I do not think it is appropriate for this forum (which attracts a larger number of newcomer developers) to promote false promises targeted specifically at them.
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    AlienplayGames reacted to endel in Mazmorra.io: an online roguelike & hack'n slash multiplayer   
    Hey guys! I'm so excited to share this new game I've been making. It's a dungeon exploring & grinding with random dungeons and random items you can collect along the way!
    Play it now: https://mazmorra.io

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    AlienplayGames reacted to Umz in Link It Up!   
    Brilliant game! Love the sound effect when he falls onto the spikes. Really get a feeling for the pain haha 😁
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    AlienplayGames reacted to BdR in Link It Up!   
    Saw it on the WebGames subreddit, pretty cool platform puzzle game
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    AlienplayGames reacted to Tadas Gloom in Life in the Static - A game where you have an ability to stop time   
    Hey there,
    I made this little game called Life in the Static, the basic gist of this game is that you have an ability to stop time.
    Tasty Link

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    AlienplayGames reacted to Wolfsbane in Link It Up!   
    It's a nice little game!  Don't think I've seen design quite like this before, so kudos for getting your own twist in a platform puzzler. The visuals are really nice.
    Got through till level 14.
    If you want feedback/critique, I'd just say I'm not sure about the controls. Mouse and then keys, and then space. I've got big hands, and game a little bit but my having to use arrows + space with one hand, and then mouse is a bit awkward. Generally this type of game you might aim for a casual audience(or even think about making it work on a smart phone). The simpler the control schema, the better.
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    AlienplayGames got a reaction from Nagval333 in Link It Up!   
    Link It Up! is a casual, puzzle platforming game. In this game you need to link up the line to make your way through the level. Link It Up! features 30 levels that include interesting puzzles as well as cool platforming challenges.
    You can Play it here:
    Link It Up! is available for non-exclusive licensing so if you're interested in licensing it contact me via email: alienplay44@gmail.com

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    AlienplayGames got a reaction from AwadGorg in browser based games website.   
    Here are some things I think you should change:
    The "Featured Games" section and everything bellow it on the right side feels a little overcrowded Navigation bar - I think you should put Community Forum on the right side and everything else on the left You really did a good job with Browser Games/Home section. It's great that users immediately have option to play the game you reviewed. Although, here you could just say 5/5 instead of "Average Rating: 5 out of 5".
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    AlienplayGames reacted to Cobertos in Garage Apocalypse   
    This feels really well done. Interesting indicators, the artwork feels really cohesive and simple yet communicative of what needs to be communicated. That "Halfway Done" modal was oddly intrusive though, came out of nowhere and didn't really add much to the experience.
    Everything felt really static though, just not really a lot of things to keep the user entertained while the actions are happening. It'd be nice if maybe the zombies banging had particle effects, or idk, things that made the world feel more alive. There's a good GDC video on this sort of thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy0aCDmgnxg
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