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  1. Thank you for help guys Finally, extrude option in Texture Packer helped. Problem solved.
  2. @ivan.popelyshev I'm using latest version of pixi.js. Here is js fiddle code for look:
  3. Hello! I'm trying to create in pixi.js timer. Something similar to this But instead of white disappearing white line, I have to use png asset. I found solution in Pixi mesh rope. Straight line curved to circle. And it's working. But there is an issue connected with Texture packer. When I'm using png, for example from url like this Everything is OK. My timer start from 0 and filling to circle. Attachment "good". But when I put same png line to spritesheet with another assets using Texture Packer, my rope look like on "bad" attachment. There is some alpha on line ends becoming more visible when line is more stretched. Line asset on created spritesheet is same as separately png. But behave another on rope. I tried many texture packer settings, but nothing helps. I also tried do same things on another project, nothing. I don't understand why same asset behave differently when is on spritesheet. What could be the problem? Regards, Stevie Attachments: Good Bad