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  1. Hello all, I am really noob at coding. I have been investigating for hours and I dont find the solution to my issue. Here I go: I would like to show 3D Models (*.babylon and *.obj files specially) from a Server. I found a good viewer from babylon called sandbox (https://sandbox.babylonjs.com/). I downloaded its code and I have been trying to eliminate user input file and load a 3D model automatically but I cant. Then, when I upload a model, the textures arent assigned, so I have to assign it looking for the .jpg. and, although it lets you to upload .obj models, i uploaded some of them and they are not showed in that viewer. Finally i would like to rotate the camera with the mouse, as in this viewer (https://3dviewer.net/) all in all: 1. similar viewer as sandbox 2. load the model I decide automatically 3. Being able to upload .obj models 4. auto assigning textures. 5. rotating camera as in https://3dviewer.net/ Thanks in advance