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  1. i tried to implement the method who call the method from the parent on pnjManager but the result is actually the same: removeChild: function (child) { this._super(me.Container, "removeChild", [child]); this.updateChildBound(); },
  2. Hello, I'm following the Space Invaders tutorial, during the collision management part of the tutorial i'm facing an issue when the onCollision event is reached. The removeChild from the inherited object isn't recognized. I didn't found the solution yet. Hoping you can help me. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everyone, i'm facing an issue pretty weird discovering the melonJS framework following the space invaders tutorial. When i try to implement the player movement actions, i get a problem on the clamp function of the Sprite Object. I'm more from the TypeScript world so not really used to the old way making objects on js, but i verified the melonjs.js file, and the function seems to be implemented well into the object. I use the last release of the boilerplate by the way. Thanks in advance.