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  1. I get only json string from server. Is there a way to load it somehow? Is it a good practice?
  2. What is the difference between using spritesheet and jsonHash ? jsonHash need a json file and spritesheet does not - this is what I know so far. But why use jsonHash with all that extra work to make a json file when you just can use spritesheet instead?
  3. Is it possible to resize just the middle of the image ? maybe on a lower level like pixi or even webgl ?
  4. Hi, What is the workaround to create 3 buttons with the same design but different texts (short text, medium length text, long text)? a) do I need 3 different images as a background ? What if i don’t know the length of the text ? b) or I can use a single image and shrink/stretch it horizontally/vertically somehow when a text needs more/less space to fit in? I hope i don’t need hundreds of images for each button I’m just a beginner. What is the best practice ?