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  1. Good Thursday morning Iflow, Good to hear back so quickly in a positive manner!!! As background, about 2 months ago one of my old shipmates told me that he thought trying to develop a phone ap for a 3D version of Connect-4 would be a neat idea. I agreed and over the last couple of months laid out some concepts. He and I have discussed the concepts and then about a week ago he sent me the link to Connect3D. As an after thought, the shipmate said he had a physical 3D Connect-4 game with posts that I have not seen and he cannot find. So that was the source of his idea for an ap. He just recently found your game on the internet. I have uploaded my concepts document and hope the idea are of some help but assume they are primitive as I have done no programming. The idea of an "ownership" attribute for each game field square is explained (and I hope understandable). I am willing to help where I can as I am very interested in where this will all go. Still think it is a million $ idea, but am not driven by profit. I have not programmed since I went back for a BS degree in Computer Science and Management in 1984, but certainly could learn and help. And I am retired and pretty much financially independent, so I have whatever time and funds I choose to dedicate. Do you accept BitCoin donations? Cyber coins are another of my hobbies. Would also prefer to go off site for communications if/when you are comfortable and if that does not violated any in-place usage agreements. Look forward to your response. Ed #-D Connect X.docx
  2. To iFlow First, congratulations on a job well started! From the idea of a friend, I have been conceptualizing a series of 3D games based on Connect 4 for profit. I am not sure of the proprietary rights of the original developers but that can/will be dealt with when/if needed. I have played your game and have one comment (so far) of which you are probably aware. Either player should be able to place a ball in any open location at any time during the game...start to finish. That is what I have called an "ownership" issue. I will sign up to help test and offer to send you my concepts (3 white pages, so far) for a series I called "Connect 3D*" with the asterisk. The asterisk is replace with addition letters & numbers to describe in detail a specific game. Let me know if you are interested in collaborating. Ed