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  1. wow, it works now thank you so much, i was trying something similar, but it was difficult to understand all that together and I spend a lot time without success. looks almost clear now, but i still have one question: but is the purpose of vert shader here? just to map aVertexPosition with projectionMatrix to pixels? and what does vTextureCoord = aTextureCoord do?
  2. It was the same one? or just fish eye too? haven't found it
  3. Ok, thank you) i've tried already some modifications and mapping coords, but it didn't work and i removed it.
  4. i have filterArea, its almost at the bottom of js: "app.stage.filterArea = app.renderer.screen;" Working test is here: its the same shaders, but used without pixi and there is not problem with positioning here.
  5. Hello! I'm trying to adapt shaders from this sample to Pixi JS custom filter: Unfortunately something is wrong with coordinates (though i'm using webgl code as a reference, but copy-paste to pixi doesn't work), i've tried this manual about Filter Area and this topic but it didn't help. maybe because in my case there is vertex shader also. Here is fiddle with my code where the problem exists Can someone explain how to do it right? ivan.popelyshev can you help me?