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  1. Ivan, thank you again! I send to you a private messege with other quations. Ух ты, есть русскоязычный канал в телеграме. Это хорошо. Еще раз спасибо.
  2. Thank you, Ivan! Now it looks very difficult for this easy problem, but i will try to understand.
  3. Hello! I'm creating board for playing Go Game using PIXI. I'm noob in PIXI. So, i have problem to place a label on board and erase part of board's lines under label. Like this: I spent several days, try solve this problem. What is the best solution? addHole? mask? I tested it, but dont understad how it works completely. Here a simple code of Go Board: Please, help me to solve this problem. Можно по-русски.