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  1. I have just uploaded a small update. The scaling has been improved and I have fixed the buttons.
  2. I've been having the same issue with mobile devices and Safari on my laptop. Chrome, Firefox, and IE seem to be fine... Can this be solved in HTML5?
  3. I'm a big fan! The site looks great and is very developer friendly.
  4. I just launched my first game on Google Play(android),, and HTML5Arcade(browser) Road To Rage is a casual arcade shooter that is ideal for short play sessions. It is easy to get into, but gets more difficult in the later stages... About: Soothe your road rage by unloading a hood-mounted gun on your erratic fellow drivers. Can you get to your destination with your sanity intact? - 10 levels of rage relief - Increasing difficulty that will challenge your reflexes - A collection of 58 vehicles - Simple gameplay that is difficult to master - Pick up power-ups to even the odds! - RAMPAGE! Embark on the Road To Rage (relief)