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  1. Hello, I would like to know if there is any difference (in performenc etc.) when using atlas over the individual images to draw on canvas. In code example are shown these two approaches. Thank you! // Example1 - individual images let framePointer = 0 const animationFrames = [frame, frame2, frame3,...] // images are HTMLImageElements //rendering ctx.drawImage(animationFrames[framePointer], 0,0) framePointer ++ // Example2 atlas let atlasPointer = 0 const atlas = new Image() atlas.src = 'atlas.png' const atlasMap = [{x,y,width,heigth},...] //rendering let frameInfo = atlasMap[atlasPointer] ctx.drawImage( atlas, // HTMLImageElement frameInfo.x, //source x frameInfo.y, //source y frameInfo.width, //source width frameInfo,height, //source height 0, //destination x 0, //destination y frameInfo.width, //destination width frameInfo,height, //destination heigth ) atlasPointer ++