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  1. Thanks for response. it's really a problem, unfortunately. All project in WARNINGS
  2. Hello. I added pixi.js-legasy in webpack plugin, after that i write pixi global window.PIXI = PIXI and import pixi-spine. Spine works correctly, but there is warning. How can I fix it?
  3. NoleDjok

    pixi spine

    Thanks, I`ll try 😅
  4. NoleDjok

    pixi spine

    I want do manipulations as in example. Move point and spine transform. Is it real?
  5. NoleDjok

    pixi spine

    Hi, people. I use pixi.spine plugin and i have problems. I want to move my spine bu points. In my case i try to change Slot 'lineContainer'. There are lengths points to move. But nothing happens. Please, help me to move my spine by points. Line.json
  6. NoleDjok

    mask problem

    When in webgl i app.renderer.mask.enableScissor set true mask works normal. How can I set mask for it works on both renderers.
  7. NoleDjok

    mask problem

    Hi everyone. In my project I use Canvas and WEbGl renderer (depend on what client support). And I use mask. When Canvas everything works ok, but when i swich to webgl symbols disappears. I can't get it why. I use Graphics mask (canvas doesnt support sprite mask :((( ).
  8. I update pixi.js-legacy from 5.2.1 to 5.3.0. After this there is error Cannot read property 'baseTexture' of null. It turned up this problem begins from 5.2.3 version. I googled and tried to fix it but to no avail(
  9. Thanks for respond. It turned up helpful. I will learn about Rope with texture. It`s interesting.
  10. There is a function where I draw lines on htmlcanvas. After drawing I create Pixi.Sprite from this canvas. On Canvas renderer everything works OK, but when I swich on WebGl something goes wrong. Only first line is drawn.
  11. Extension use PIXI from window object (there isn`t PIXI v.5 in this object). I solved this problem: window.PIXI = PIXI;
  12. Hi guys. I updated pixiJS to version5 (pixi.js-legacy) and PixiJS devtools have stopped work. maybe anyone knows what`s the reason? It was wery usefull to use this extension.