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  1. I update pixi.js-legacy from 5.2.1 to 5.3.0. After this there is error Cannot read property 'baseTexture' of null. It turned up this problem begins from 5.2.3 version. I googled and tried to fix it but to no avail(
  2. Thanks for respond. It turned up helpful. I will learn about Rope with texture. It`s interesting.
  3. There is a function where I draw lines on htmlcanvas. After drawing I create Pixi.Sprite from this canvas. On Canvas renderer everything works OK, but when I swich on WebGl something goes wrong. Only first line is drawn.
  4. Extension use PIXI from window object (there isn`t PIXI v.5 in this object). I solved this problem: window.PIXI = PIXI;
  5. Hi guys. I updated pixiJS to version5 (pixi.js-legacy) and PixiJS devtools have stopped work. maybe anyone knows what`s the reason? It was wery usefull to use this extension.