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  1. Thanks, you're shading light in my very confuse mind... It definetly looks a lot better with the 2d context: https://codepen.io/federicovezzoli/pen/MxMxGo In the real application I built I had some text showing up with a displacement map on them, but now with the 2d renderer the displacement map is gone. Does it makes sense to create 2 app with different renderers? Plus, I can't make it work with pixi 5.0.2 I don't understand how the legacy bundle works: https://codepen.io/federicovezzoli/pen/OYVRGm I get: "PIXI.CanvasRenderer is not a constructor" Thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks @ivan.popelyshev! So maybe is better if I revert everything back to SVG for this kind of work, in terms of performances, results and at least its gonna work everywhere. Do you think maybe three.js would be better at this job than pixi.js? thanks a lot for the help.
  3. I'm trying to draw some paths and animate them with gsap. So far here is what I came up in a couple of weeks of struggle: https://codepen.io/federicovezzoli/pen/MxMxGo Basically here is what I'm doing: let progress = new PIXI.Graphics() TweenMax.to({ x: newCubicBezierProgress[0].x, y: newCubicBezierProgress[0].y }, 2.5, { bezier: { type: "soft", values: newCubicBezierProgress }, onUpdate: function(){ progress.lineStyle(1, 0X00F2FF) progress.lineTo(this.target.x, this.target.y, 1) }, ease: Sine.easeOut }) Where newCubicBezierProgress is an array of coordinates. As you can see in the codepen the graphics looks not so smooth, anyone knows why or any technique to improve that? thanks!
  4. Hi guys, Pixi seems to have a lot of problems with safari, the app wouldn't just work, it's rellay slow. I don't need to link you anything, just open any site made with pixi with safari 12 and they just don't work. Ex: https://codepen.io/federicovezzoli/pen/qwovdN Even: http://www.pixijs.com/ Anyone have any clue? Do I just need to avoid using any webgl at all on safari? thanks
  5. Thanks I'll give it a go. I'll post an eventual solution here.
  6. Hi guys, I'm trying to draw a polygon/line from the coordinates of an svg path. I thought to use the path2d method, as it works correctly on native canvas, but I cannot make it work with pixi and couldn't fine anyone talking about it around. Something like this, but it's not working: let trackPath = new Path2D("M10 10 h 80 v 80 h -80 Z") graphic = new PIXI.Graphics() graphic.drawPolygon(trackPath) app.stage.addChild(graphic) Anyone?