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  1. Request to moderator to stop cyber-bullying in the forum. I hope to bring to the surface a series of personal attack on me by the user @botmaster. I have never addressed him directly because on every reply he had on me, it always contain waves of attack on me on a personal level. It is true that my frustration could get the better of me as I try to understand the framework and almost everyone here has been nice and supportive and even patient with me. However this user, on every turn, attacked, label me a liar and in the latest post, even outright asking to have me banned for expressing inconsistencies in the framework. =================================================================== At the beginning it has been bad: Botmaster: You can scale the stage, resize the stage, and handle any resolution using PIXI, and you can even do all this dynamically, you are merely complaining that PIXI doesn't do it YOUR WAY as if PIXI should have been developed for you and you only for some reason. =================================================================== =================================================================== More samples of his tone towards me while having never attacked nor responded to him in any personal way. Botmaster: What you should really complain about is your lack of understanding not just in PIXI but in programming in general, nice try btw about the "coming from JQuery" lie, it doesn't take a genius to see you know JQuery about as much as you know PIXI. =================================================================== And lately to the point of laterally demanding that I be banned from existing in the forum for expressing inconsistencies in the framework: =================================================================== Botmaster: Ivan, I know you guys don't ban users that often but this guy is really asking for it, he spams the forums with posts with the only point of complaining about PIXI and whining about how Flash (AS2 apparently .... lol) is so superior in every way and how much he cries about having to switch ... His posts are not just pointless, they are spams. =================================================================== This particular user has been almost always unkind and vindictive towards me from the very get go and it has caused me great distress. I do not want the toxic nature of this one individual be associated with the openness vibe of this forum. Our expression towards the framework while trying to understand it should not generate expressions of hate towards us on a personnel level. Moderators please look into the toxic situation generated by this single individual towards me please for it has caused me unnecessary emotional suffering.