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  1. Hey you guys should check out my new crypto currency game network , we are young and have received a second round of funding, main site is , you can go on , my engineers and I will be interaction with the community and taking advice and suggestions. Use my link to sign up for our beta program, we are doing some sick cash , crypto and merchandise benefits for early adopters so if you sign up with my link I will throw you extra cash and make sure I enable premium status. DeathDealer007
  2. Any developers interested in owning and publishing a game on our network during our beta phase is more then welcome to send over submissions. The 10 concept games we are publishing for our network are simple unity games. I am interested to see how well our node.js API's that integrate with our blockchain, work with html5 games. Keep in mind we are a young network beta testing our first games. This is a good opportunity to get involved with something radically new and young. Except for your time during our on-boarding and integration with my developers and I, you will receive no fees for your games on boarding and just enough crypto to open your game for others to play. Yep free publishing for selected games. I have all paperwork in order, you own your game and control your own backend, settings etc. Its a really new concept Any Questions feel free to fire way below ! This is our website. Please use my link to sign up as I am the lead engineer and designer and will be giving out special tokens on our network that give free lifetime membership to the network and can be sold or traded. After you sign up, please read through our wiki to see what we are doing, I am always open to suggestions that will make for a better community. I aim to make a safe , fair and profitable gaming community for everyone of all ages and levels. We all have been real upset at buying items in games and when the online halls or your interest went dead so did your wallet in that game. On this network, any game assets can be used in any game. The network profits, ad profits, and trade profits are shared among the community. Look forward to hearing from you all. We can easily be gotten in touch with on our contact site here. Beta Games Group Thank you , Jeremy