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  1. Thank you again, I'll take into account your special magic way 🙂
  2. Hi Ivan, thank you for your reply. In my case I have only graphics in my container that is used as a mask. But am I correct by assuming that approach is not supported by PIXI.CanvasRenderer or I'm missing something? Thank you again.
  3. Hi all. As you see my question is related to masking. Have you ever used PIXI.Container with a PIXI.Graphics child to mask PIXI.DisplayObject? I.e. Pixi.DisplayObject.mask = PIXI.Container I've noticed this approach in a project I'm inheriting. I've tested it and works as expected. However this is a bit strange technique for me as I've never seen this before. Do you foresee any issues with that (i.e. any browser related issues etc.)? Thank you for your time.
  4. @ivan.popelyshev, I understand that PIXI is used for rendering only. I don't expect it to have built-in physics methods. I was trying to understand if I'm doing something wrong, as I'm sure a lot of people has encountered the same problem. Thank you for your detailed explanation. I'll definitely wait for the article you've mentioned. @bubamara, thank you too for your suggestion. I'll try to work something out of both your suggestions.
  5. Hi all, I'm new to Pixi.js, so excuse me, if the answer to my question is obvious. I'm building a 2d platformer where I have a PIXI.Container which contains a few sprites (let say player's arm, body, head etc.). Based on the user input I'm moving the whole container (not each sprite individually). I also have container which contains all platforms of the level (they are all of type PIXI.Spirte). I want to detect when the player's container intersects with any of the platforms and stop the container from moving forward (the usual stuff). Currently I'm using the Bump.js library ( But I'm encountering few problems. First of all Bump.js doesn't work for 'container vs array with sprites' type of collision, so I've tried to detect an intersection between each player's sprite against the array with platforms. Basically I'm using the following: player.move(); // move the player's container to any direction BUMP.hit(playersArm, platformsArray, true, false, true); BUMP.hit(playersBody, platformsArray, true, false, true); BUMP.hit(playersHead, platformsArray, true, false, true); This is testing for intersection between each player's sprite and stops it from moving, if there is a collision. All this is working fine and if there is an intersection the intersecting player's sprite position will be set to a value that is not intersecting with the platforms. However all the other sprites will continue moving, as they are not yet intersecting with the platforms. Hope I expressed myself clear. Have you ever had such problem and how did you solve it? I can only think of building a custom collision detection logic which works with 'container vs array with sprites', so I don't have to care for each player's sprite individually, but work with the container. Do you know of any library that already handled such cases? Or maybe I've been wrong from the start by taking such approach (having player's container with several sprites in it)? Thank you in advance.