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  1. So I got the reply from Facebook Support, here is the reply: at this moment my options to monetize my game is probably to publish it via a game publisher..
  2. I got this issue too today, I'm from Indonesia though.. what region you are from? I created another topic before I found about this post.. I wonder if there are any workaround for this? does anyone else get affected? which region? anyway, I already contact support and waiting for their reply for the time being..
  3. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question. I'm a developer based in Indonesia, I have developed my Facebook Instant Game apps and now I'm integrating Facebook Audience Network for monetization. However, when adding the Audience Network Product, there is a page with this message: "Only publishers already working with an Audience Network account manager will be able to complete the set up of properties for monetization at this time.". I'm still able to create a monetization manager, creating property, adspace, and placement, adding payment information... until I have to link the payment information to my instant game app, it give me this error: " This platform isn't supported in this payment account's region ". My question is, is Facebook Audience Network currently unavailable in my country? Or new publisher can't use Facebook Audience Network for the time being? If yes, does anyone know when new publishers in my country will be able to use Audience Network in our Instant Game App? Is there any workaround for this situation? This is really sucks because I never got this information before today, no Information about which regions are affected with this policy in any documentation that I read. If anyone else is also affected with this policy, please tell me how you work this around.