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  1. Hello, I joined the discord, who are the coders you had in mind? Also are you on the discord? I have BIG advertising, (100+M people) and need someone real good in game development generally.
  2. Thanks a lot! By the way, is it possible to integrate CSS with PIXI? Also, how would you go on making the responsive pixi app? Are there any libraries for responsiveness?
  3. hello, I managed to do it by removing all children except running animations itself (i also had to use plugin pixi-layers because anims would be hidden by repaint on every tick), but if you have a big map and a player moving through it, you'd have to repaint everything, theres no way to avoid that right?
  4. Hey guys, So I have a game where all regular non-animated sprites update and whole game updates in a ticker. Code: app.ticker.add(delta => gameLoop(delta)); } function gameLoop(delta){ app.stage.removeChildren(); //... rest of the code to update whole game But if I add animatedsprite in the same ticker then animation will stop on the next tick update since I run "removeAllChildren()" method on the begining of update loop. I have a shooter game and I want to play animated explosion sprite once another player dies but as soon as next update tick happens it removesAllChildren which stops the animation Should I not run animated sprites inside the ticker? Maybe I should play animatedsprite somehow when 'death' event is received on websocket? How?