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  1. I have already solved
  2. I've done it as you say, but the image is very stretched.
  3. Any way to adjust the texture to the size of the screen in pixi.js v5. I want the whole texture to cover the screen.
  4. Alain

    Low fps particles

    You know some place where you give me information or recommendations to improve performance. What is the name of this technique that you use to detect the black parts of the canvas?
  5. Alain

    Low fps particles

    I have been able to fix some frames Thanks you!.
  6. Alain

    Low fps particles

    It has improved in Chrome, but in Firefox it's still the same.
  7. Alain

    Low fps particles

    I'm using Firefox Dev Edition with Windows 10 and this is the result
  8. Alain

    Low fps particles

    I changed the method, but the problem still persists.
  9. Alain

    Low fps particles

    I would like to know what is affecting that my animation has low frames. When the particle size increases, the fps increase, but when the size of the particles decreases, the fps decrease. This is the codepen.