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  1. In the color doll pointerdown, then pointermove, when the pointerover phone Sprite, confirm the connection, there is no pointerover on the mobile side, I would like to know if there is a better alternative method, I am deeply sorry, maybe my expression is not clear, maybe it is my Google Translation does not work accurately, thank you for your patience.
  2. This is really not a good idea, but I have no other good way.
  3. Thank you, this is a drag connection, the original mouse enters the phone to determine whether to connect, but the pointerover mobile is invalid, I get the local coordinates through when pointermove To judge whether to enter the phone, maybe this is not the best solution. Nice day
  4. I do not know what to do
  5. I want to be a touch-like game, the pointerover on the mobile side has no effect.