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  1. Hi admins. we can't upload image with this error "/var/www/html/uploads/monthly_2019_05 could not be created." @admin
  2. Hi, Need help on my project and I am pretty new on pixijs. I need to mask an image ( avatar ) with circle( like border-radius ) and make the image contained and behaves like a background contain or cover. // set player avatar this.maskC[x] = new PIXI.Graphics(); this.maskC[x].beginFill(0, 1); this.maskC[x].drawCircle(0, 0, 50); this.maskC[x].endFill(); this.maskC[x].width = this.profile_container[x].width * .2; this.maskC[x].height = this.maskC[x].width; this.maskC[x].renderable = true; const texture = PIXI.Texture.from(`${data[x
  3. I found some of the hardcoded fragments and set them to 'mediump'. I'm new to game dev and what do you mean by filter? sorry for noob question
  4. Having a problem in running pixijs in lowend devices. please see error log in attached file. I have tried setting the PRECISION_VERTEX and PRECISION_FRAGMENT to 'mediump' and 'lowp' but the error is still there. TIA for the help. @ivan.popelyshev @themoonrat @bigtimebuddy tagging these expert people for help
  5. I'm totally new to pixijs and to game development in general. I need a help in fixing this error in devices that use canvas if webGL is not available. Im using projection plugin and it is seems like the error is from projection.sprite2d. I am researching about the issue and found PIXI.CanvasRenderer.registerPlugin but don't know how to use it. please help I'm stuck with this issue. TIA
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