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  1. My first "finished" game, GSS: Generic Spaceship Shooter is now available on as well as You can find a small trailer that I made for it here: I would love any feedback, and I hope that if you do give it a play that it's an enjoyable experience for you. I built this using Phaser. Artwork, music, programming, etc are all my own.
  2. Hey yarik, You may want to make sure that both hero2 and the bullets group are both enabled in the arcade physics system. You do that in the create function like so:; this.bullets.enableBody = true; Also make sure that the call is in the update function. Let us know if that works!
  3. Hello! I may misunderstand what you're asking but in my game I switch between states via code like this.'MainMenu', true, false); That third parameter that's passed as false indicates whether the game cache should be cleared. Here's the exact phrasing: @param clearCache — Clear the Game.Cache? This purges out all loaded assets. The default is false and you must have clearWorld=true if you want to clearCache as well. As long as you're passing it as false (or not passing it at all as the default value is false) you should not have trouble loading assets just because you switched state. Let us know if that helps! Thanks