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  1. Thanks a lot for all the insights and for the topic bump that brought this up again. I had already given up on getting these ridiculously valuable answers. Using Cocos2d or Phaser is certainly a possibility. The thing is: We already have this Unity game ready (already released/sponsored on ArmorGames) and we will release it in HTML5 websites to get some awareness and a few bucks. My main problem is that I don't really know which are the best websites for this (since most are focused on pure HTML5 instead of WebGL), but I'll keep doing my research and post here if I find anything useful. In case anyone is curious, this is our game: Thanks a lot again! It was already of great help to me and other people looking for these answers.
  2. Hi. I'm a programmer and designer who is currently deciding about the next steps in gamedev. I've been reading about the market and got mixed info about some topics, so I'd like to ask you. 1. Unity: Is Unity WebGL considered HTML5 for the purposes of this market? Do these game portals (Y8 and alikes) accept Unity WebGL games? 2. Talking about market: how exactly does the market works? The newbie way is to submit the game to portals, with APIs that grants us a very small sum of money after thousands of impressions? Any other important strategies? 3. Let's say I have a game done (good enough to have fun, not good enough to sell for a thousand bucks): What should I do next? For clarification, I'm not a complete newbie, but I know very little about HTML5 and it seems like an interesting path to go. Thanks. Some examples of previous works: