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  1. @bubamara Thank you! The answer you gave solved the problem perfectly.
  2. Thanks to @ivan.popelyshev, I have done my work with the Sprite. I am not sure if the new version of pixijs has such a memory leak, the version I am using is 4.8.1, and I put the webpage in the foreground for almost three hours before the memory leak occurred. I also found that this document( has prompted us not to draw Graphics frequently.
  3. Hi all.I am a beginner of pixi.js, and using PIXI.Graphics to create a circular progress bar that will move over time, the effect is like the one below: More specifically, the circular progress bar moves over time. So, the graphics is modified constantly, this caused a very serious performance problem and even caused the iOS system to crash. My question is what should I do to implement such a circular progress bar in pixijs? My English is poor, thank you for reading.