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  1. I can't find the magic setting to fix this transparency issue with some textures in my project. Attachments to this message aren't working for me for some reason, so here are links to my web server: http://hh.destef.com/demo/ Capture.png illustrates the issue "in-game" tree21.png is the source file. felwithea.zip is the "zone" (obj, mtl, and all the textures if you want to try to load this file up yourself -- keep in mind, you have to .flipFaces() on every mesh for it to display correctly. w.scene.meshes.forEach(function(m) { m.flipFaces(); m.checkCollisions = true; }); The scratchy red texture you see through the wierdness is the background-image on my <html> -- its just a red-leather texture. Thanks for the help.