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  1. window.FBInstant.initializeAsync().then(function() { window.FBInstant.startGameAsync().then(function() { // return player photo window.FBInstant.player.getPhoto() } } But it return default avatar, not player avatar. Anyone can help me? Thanks!
  2. I have created Viral Fun Quiz instant game like OMG. My game have very low player. So I share my game play result to facebook group and facebook banned my placement. I have no idea how to get more player for my instant game. Some of instant game created is later than my game, but they have many players. How can I share my viral fun quiz game to get more player. With Regard...
  3. I have made fun quiz viral facebook instant game . I played it and share on my wall and facebook group I own. Yesterday my placement traffic is blocked and I can't appeal it. So I create new placement and update game. I just wondering playing game and share on facebook group is violation this placement encourages accidental ad clicks? So how can I share my game on facebook to play more player
  4. Thank for your feedback bro. If instant game review is start, please let me know.
  5. I was create html5 fun quiz instant game last month. I submit review for instant game in more than 10 days and Facebook reply nothing. What wrong with my submitting. here is instant game review here is view notes for Instant Game here is view notes for App verification Do I need to submit review for App Center or other reviews???