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  1. Ey thanks @jonforum then: toLocal() transforms the coordinates of the pixi container to those of the browser, right?. It is explained here but I don't quite understand how it does it.
  2. I am using pixi version 4.8.5 and I am trying to access the coordinates of a Sprite when I click on it through its event like this: e.data.global.x e.data.global.y I have also tried like this: e.data.originalEvent.layerX e.data.originalEvent.layerY I want these coordinates to show just above that sprite in the browser an element that I have hidden in my html, but the coordinates that it is giving me from the event do not appear at the same point where I click. Does Pixi have any better way to indicate the coordinates of the browser's DOM and not the container where the sprite is? I think that is my problem. I have also tried: mySprite.getGlobalPosition() In order to obtain the coordinates but he does not give them to me precisely for the DOM. Thanks
  3. Thank you very much, although obviously I searched Google before asking here. My question was addressed to specialists in pixi that took into account in a concrete way any book or course. Also thanks for the book recommendations, I appreciate it very much
  4. Hello, I'm started with pixijs for the web since few weeks ago, I readed the documentation and also readed different post of recommended tutorials in this forum, but not understand well all the pixijs parts, for example the container child events etc. Anyone knows any videotutorials o video courses? any book? Thanks for all!