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  1. aalex

    Safari Cleanup Issue

    Sorry for the late reply. I ended up with 3 global canvas/renderers (which is the highest number possibly visible at a same time). I then, move them around, and clean/re-create my different scenes as need be. Works pretty fine, the performances are good, and the experience stays smooth. Thanks again all !
  2. aalex

    Safari Cleanup Issue

    Thank you all for the quick replies and different leads, much appreciated. Unfortunately setting the width & height of the renderer to 0 or 1 before destroying it, does not resolve the issue. I believe @bigtimebuddy's workaround is one of my last option (to keep a 'global' renderer and recreate scenes in it), but will demand a huge app restructuring. Even more since some of my SPA views fades in/out with multiple renderers visible at the time of transition. Is there a way to keep/store a canvas reference and re-set it to a new canvas/renderer? Thanks again!
  3. I’m building a SPA (vue js + vue router) combined with some pixi js (v4.8). The main features I use are : - image sprites - video sprites - some pixi texts - displacement filters Depending on the view, there may or may not be a canvas/renderer. But I always cleanup after myself before switching views by : - destroying every sprite and their baseTexture (image, video, filter sprite) -> .destroy(true) - destroying every text and their baseTexture -> .destroy(true) - clearing any filters used -> container.filters = null - and finally destroying the main renderer -> renderer.destroy(true) By doing so, my SPA is running smoothly (chrome, firefox, edge), no matter how many view switches occurs, and I don't get any console errors. However, safari (12.0.3 in my case) simply doesn't seem to take any cleanup seriously, after 4/5 views switching the performance drastically drops and I get many console errors : _There are too many active WebGL contexts on this page, the oldest context will be lost._ and _WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: loseContext: context already lost_ . And if we continue browsing between views, safari will be forced to crash. Even if I manually try to kill my renderers with _gl.getExtension('WEBGL_lose_context').loseContext()_ , the problem remains. Am I missing something or is it just the way Garbage Collection works in safari (being less effective, and not properly releasing memory)?