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  1. I have a feeling that WebGL is not enabled and browserify falls back to using pixi v4. But Pixi v5 does not support browsers without WebGL, and you have to use legacy package. When using browserify, you type PIXI.VERSION in that chrome console to check the PIXI version. Here is some info on how to enable WebGL:
  2. Ah. Thank you! Turned out that in addition to this, the pixi-viewport library was overwriting all filters for me. After inspecting it's code it turns out that David's viewport is messing too much with PIXI objects. I probably need to write my own simple viewport... Thank you for your help!
  3. This is also my first post here, but I've been reading these forums for a month. Love this community and projects. You all are amazing people. I am myself an experienced full stack developer, who wants to create a game of his dreams as a side project 😃 I've been playing with Pixi for a few weeks, and I like it so far. I am having some problems with pixi-filters v3.0.2 on pixi.js v5.0.2. I was able to get @pixi/filter-shockwave to work with a Rollup package bundler. But I hate having to rebundle everything after a tiny code change in order to test. I prefer an old fashioned way of adding library files via a <script> tag. Is there a way to manually add a filter such as ShockwaveFilter to the project without having to use a bundler? I see that in pixi v3 it was straight forward ( Thanks!