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  1. Latest updates of assets and improvements ps: made some landing for the project https://iconix.io
  2. New trees and light sys arrived still work in progress, but looks quite awesome
  3. After severals iterations of development managed to add 1. New landscape with water and elevation support. 2. Updated UI to support small screens [including mobile!] 3. Some characters are updated to something more interesting Check it out and I would be happy to hear any feedback
  4. Hey! Not just yet but maybe in a month! Btw, new video of towers [health / being hit by players and etc].
  5. Finished with putting new map in to the game + towers and lots improvements. Made small Map-Tour video, take in count that map is really 'raw' at the moment and will contain lots of elements in future Happy to hear any kind of feedback!
  6. Created YT channel for demo videos of development progress https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM5RmcaPiHEcVZ02VrgH9OA/ Maybe will be interesting for somebody
  7. Hi all and good day! 13 days ago started with new project and would like to share some stuff with you It's not completely from scratch, but took some base from my prev game DatTank [https://dattank.io]. How it looked 13 days ago How it looks today [melee attacking sys example] Would like to know if it would be interesting for somebody to read through some details in some articles or thms like this. Uh, and would be awesome to get some feedback Thx for your attention! ps: If you want to get quick updates from me follow on https://twitter.com/iOhmed
  8. Hey! Made quite large update. Now it feels much more smooth [networking and performance] + improved map [more complex and larger]. Looking forward for your feedback Link the same: https://dattank.io
  9. None. Some ads, but it's coins Just like the project.
  10. Hey all, I opened all DatTank game code [MIT on github]: https://github.com/ohmed/DatTank Enjoy coding
  11. Hey! http://dattank.com -- is an old version and yep, was down for few hours, still thinking what to do with it. New version is https://dattank.io
  12. Hi everybody A lot of time went since last updates. Though it's not live demo and is only a new version gameplay video, would like to share it with you. Also you can leave ideas/suggestions here: https://dattank.userecho.com
  13. Lost of updates were made, today was v0.6.0 New physics engine was integrated, cannon instead of p2, and it feels much better now, but need to know if it isn't too performance-heavy at the moment.. Looking forward to get any feedback and thoughts Thx.
  14. Yea, thinking about ways to improve this. Btw, new v0.5.0 is out there! Added tanks levelUPs & score system.
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