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  1. I am using phaser to run a (simple) fast-paced breakout clone. It seems Phaser is not capable of rendering a few sprites and do collission checking for these (I have this problem mostly in firefox). It seems like the delta in the Arcade physics engine gets way too high! Is there at least a way I can limit the delta (or use stepping) in the engine? Or use some kind of quadrant / quad tree approach for the physics? Balls that appear inside! blocks during a lag spike is not funny at all!
  2. Got it, thanks for the help!
  3. Hello all, This is my first post, starting with a question with a problem I cannot seem to figure out. My problem is, that I cannot get shadow casting to work, no matter what I try. I got the PicoGL demo working with my own shaders, but shadow casting stops working after I move an object outside the [1,1,1] bounduary. The game I am developping (bomberman) currently contains a 15x15 grid with bloks of 10x10x10. My light / position code looks like this: //Eye + light (a mess, but works) var eyePosition = vec3.fromValues(150, 500, 150); lightPosition = vec3.fromValues(120, 1000, 1000); var rotation = quat.setAxisAngle(vec4.create(), vec3.fromValues(1, 0, 0), Math.PI/2.5); mat4.fromRotationTranslationScale(viewMatrix, rotation, vec3.fromValues(-map.w*5, map.l*5, -250), vec3.fromValues(1, 1, 1)); //View var viewProjMatrix = mat4.create(); mat4.multiply(viewProjMatrix, projMatrix, viewMatrix); //This makes no sense yet var lightViewMatrix = mat4.create(); mat4.fromRotationTranslationScale(lightViewMatrix, rotation, vec3.fromValues(-map.w*5, map.l*5, -500), vec3.fromValues(0.001, 0.001, 0.001)); mat4.multiply(lightProj, projMatrix, lightViewMatrix); Shader (real render) uniform SceneUniforms { mat4 viewProj; mat4 lightProj; vec3 eyePosition; vec3 lightPosition; }; uniform mat4 uModel; out vec3 vPosition; out vec2 vUV; out vec3 vNormal; out vec4 vPositionFromLight; void main() { vec4 worldPosition = uModel * position; vPosition =; vUV = uv; vNormal = (uModel * vec4(normal, 0.0)).xyz; vPositionFromLight = lightProj * worldPosition; gl_Position = viewProj * worldPosition; } Demo (ignore the domain) [snip] I got the demo working with the same shaders: [snip] Its already taking days for me to solve this, but lights / shadow is a domain I do not really get yet. Can somebody shed some light on my shadow casting problem? Thanks!