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  1. A game on Lord Krishna. Celebrate the beautiful Indian festival "Janmashtami" with our cool game "Krishna Jump". Let's knock down the Dahi handi. Check the demo of Krishna Jump here - https://freakxapps.com/demo/me/krishna-jump/ Contact for publishing games with Freak X Apps.
  2. I Want to buy Ludo in Multiplayer. Please DM me, if you have.
  3. I Want to buy Ludo in Multiplayer. Please DM me, if you have.
  4. Jungle Brick is a highly addictive game that comes with a Jungle theme. Aim the target and shoot balls to break maximum bricks in one go. You need to break all the bricks on the screen to complete the stage. A number displays on every brick that indicates how many times you need to hit the brick with the ball to break. But, make sure that any of the bricks never touch the bottom. As you progress in the game the levels would get difficult to complete. Enjoy the endless fun loving game Jungle Bricks. Check the demo of Jungle Bricks here - https://spideygames.com/game
  5. After the awesome cricket game "Cricket World Cup", Freak X Apps has come again with another Super cool cricket game "Street Cricket". "Street Cricket" is a casual game with cute graphics and sounds. In each round, you get a target, ball and wickets to start with. As soon the ball reaches you just tap to hit it. With the power bar, you can take the shots higher. More high power bar means more runs. It's Cricket time. Grab your bat and start hitting sixes. Check the demo of Street Cricket here - https://freakxapps.com/demo/me/street-cricket/ Contact for publish
  6. Hi, If you are really looking for some good content about HTML5 Games then you should follow the following blog - https://freakxapps.com/blog. Here you will definitely get something useful for you.
  7. Hi, This is Harish from Freak X Apps, a leading HTML5 game development company. There are so many ways to generate money from your HTML5 games. But the thing is your games should be awesome. If your games has quality then it will be easy for you to attract users. When you have a large user base then you can monetize your games or add ad placements in your games. That can be a good way of earning money. Apart from that as a developer you can make your own html5 game portfolio and pitch to big game companies to buy your games.
  8. Hi, We are Delhi/India based gaming studio specializing in HTML5 games. We have been developing HTML5 games for almost 4 years. You can check out our portfolio here - https://freakxapps.com/buy-html5-games/ Let me know if this is something that can be of interest. .
  9. Hi Chandan, It's great to know that you are looking for game development services. I have sent you PM, Please check. Thank you
  10. Freak X Apps is the best HTML5 Game Development company. They have more than 75+ games in their portal. You can check out their portfolio here - https://freakxapps.com/buy-html5-games/ Maybe you will find something of your interest.
  11. You can add SpideyGames to your list.
  12. There is an awesome html5 gaming portal "SpideyGames" that have more than hundreds of games. You can embed any game of your interest from there. If you are interested in purchasing then reach out to Freak X Apps. They have an amazing collection of HTML5 games to sell. Check out their portfolio here - https://freakxapps.com/buy-html5-games/
  13. These types of reviews help us to improve our content. So, big thanks for your precious feedback.
  14. Hi, We also provide Adsense for games. For more info, you can contact us through our website - https://freakxapps.com
  15. Hi, if you are looking for cool html5 games at a cheap price. I'll suggest you Freakxapps. We offer html5 game development services. We love what we do. It's not just our work, it's our passion. We have expertise in html5 games. We are here for you if you need some customization in games, a game from scratch or reskin an existing html5 game. You can check out some of our awesome work here - https://freakxapps.com/buy-html5-games/ As we all know it's a season of Christmas. So we also created an amazing game on Santa "Thank You Santa". Just look out the game once. You will get to kno
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