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  1. Here is a demo. It's an HTML-file and a JSON file with my Polygons. So if anyone could just take a look, I would be grateful. PS: I can't attach files here, so here is a link: https://ufile.io/lfcq3sja
  2. Thank you for your answer. I will cut my decimal places, I have 14 of them. There is a culling library on GitHub for pixi js, I think I will give it a try. I will post a demo later, thank you for your help спасибо
  3. Hi, I'm trying to make an interactive polygon map with pixi js but panning gets dreadful stuttering on panning with over 6000 polygons. I made a screen record. https://streamable.com/qexxv When I reduce my Polyongs to 1000, panning gets smooth. This is how I add my Polygons to Canvas var g = new PIXI.Graphics(); g.beginFill(1); g.lineColor = 0xffffff; g.lineStyle(1, 0xffffff); g.drawPolygon( arrCoordinates ); g.endFill(); app.stage.addChild(g); and this is my pan function: var lastPos = null $(canvas) .mousewheel(function (e) { zoom(e.deltaY, e.offsetX, e.offsetY) }).mousedown(function (e) { lastPos = { x: e.offsetX, y: e.offsetY }; }).mouseup(function (event) { lastPos = null; }).mousemove(function (e) { if (lastPos) { app.stage.x += (e.offsetX - lastPos.x); app.stage.y += (e.offsetY - lastPos.y); lastPos = { x: e.offsetX, y: e.offsetY }; } }); Could someone tell what I can do to increase performance, please note that I need to interact with almost every polygon. And is it possible to store customs values for each polygon, so when I click on one of them, I would like to display these values, etc? I'm currently working with SVG and it's fine but it gets also very laggy on mobile devices when panning, so I thought pixel graphic would be better.