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  1. I just tested your game and it works much better now! I finished level 5 and had no trouble at all.
  2. I think this game could be really fun, but there is a bug that makes it hard to play. I’m playing the itch.io version on my iPhone. When the ball travels at a fast velocity, it gets stuck to the wall. I found that if I tap pause and then resume, the ball will start moving again- but that has to be done several times during each level.
  3. I want to try your game because the screenshots look great, but I have an iPhone. Is there any way you could upload it to itch.io.? Maybe offer a small free demo before downloading?
  4. That was fun and it works on my iPhone. My top score was 27580.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I’ve been obsessing over that rope for months now lol. There is still a lot of work to do, but at least it’s functional. After you get off the balloon, there is a small puzzle to get on the rope. Since this is a work in progress and it’s impossible to know what’s a puzzle or just an incomplete part of the game, I’ll leave a walkthrough below with a spoiler alert... **SPOILER ALERT** Once you jump off the balloon (I recommend jumping to the left side), shoot the balloon with the slingshot to drop the bucket. Push the bucket to the next ro
  6. [UPDATE] I have worked very hard on the rope, and I hope you will give it another try. The game will also restart when you fall off cliffs, and I made a few other small improvements.
  7. Updated the rope mechanics. Now it moves when the character hits it: FullSizeRender.mov
  8. I wanted to share a Phaser 3 game I’ve been working on. The entire game is made on my iPhone with Textastic and a vector drawing app, so there are no keyboard inputs. The controls are fairly simple. Just slide your finger left or right to move, and you can either swipe the same finger to jump, or swipe with your other hand while running. To climb the rope, you just have to slide up or down; and to swing, slide left or right. To enable the slingshot, click on the character, pull the rock back, and let it go. When you start to fall in the hot air balloon, hold your f
  9. I’ve been working very hard to take all the feedback I’ve recieved to make Resist both fun and simple to learn, and I feel confident that my game is finally good. Resist is a slingshot game I built with Phaser 3. You’re a boy in a field surrounded by creepy Illuminati puppet things, and you have to use your slingshot to send their body parts flying. The controls are very simple. Just pull the rock back and let go. The rock will automatically reload and the boy will turn whichever direction he needs to. The game works best on mobile devices because it was built entirely on my smartph
  10. That's a fun game, and it works great on my phone. Thanks!
  11. I would like to share a website I built with Phaser 3. I believe Phaser is going to change the way we interact with online content, and I would love to play a part in that change. Here is the website: https://cannabijoy.com/ Although I have a desktop version, I recommend you check it out on your smartphone. The entire website was built on my phone, so mobile browsers will get most of the attention. In fact, the only time I’ve used a PC is to make sure my code is working. The mini games are built to show off the capability of Phaser, but I’m currently working on a platform puzzl
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