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  1. I need some direction on something I am a little unclear about. In my hello-world Pixi.js app I create a basic Graphics object, draw a polygon, and add it to the stage. I then call Application.renderer.render(myApp.stage) to render what I have just drawn. But, even with just this one call to render, how is the screen updated via events like Graphics.mouseover? For example: region.mouseover = function(){ region.tint = 0x000; } Even though I have no game loop to redraw this Graphics object, triggering this event that updates the tint will update the graphics object on the screen. My assumption is that internally Pixi.js has a separate "layer" for tinting and just redraws automatically when the tint is updated. Any clarification on this would be fantastic, I just want to be throughout in my understanding. Thank you!