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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to phaser. Currently, I'm working to create a MMORPG based game. There are three questions I have. 1: Setting Collisions. When I try to set collisions, I am able to set the collisions using the StaticTilemapLayer object returned from map.createStaticLayer. However, I am unable to create collisions using the Layer object returned from map.getLayer(SCENE_CONSTANTS.LAYER_OBJECTS). This forces me to store the variable of the objects layer in the context of the scope, something I don't want to do. 2: Unable to Layer.setCollisionByProperty({ collides: true });when using tiledMap. but am able to set collision using Layer.SetCollision. My tiled Map json object has "height":20, "id":2, "name":"objects", "opacity":1, "properties":[ { "name":"collides", "type":"bool", "value":true }], "type":"tilelayer", "visible":true, "width":20, "x":0, "y":0 }, 3. When extending the Phaser Sprite Object. The character image is not loading unless i add it to the scene. The tutorial I was following, they simply added the sprite to the physics using the add method, but I am forced to add to the physics as well as the scene class BaseCharacter extends Phaser.GameObjects.Sprite { constructor(scene, positionX, positionY, spriteImageKey) { super(scene, positionX, positionY, spriteImageKey); this.scene.physics.add.existing(this); this.scene.add.existing(this); } } currently following this tutorial: