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  1. Thank you very much for the reply! I went to make the breakpoint and it turns out I was using a script tag in the client towards an old version of pixi on Cloudflare before the addition of onLoop. I am updating the script tag to a static route towards the correct file in node_modules (per I am indeed rather new to open source and had some skittishness about digging into libraries. I'll abolish that effect - for the future, when overriding a Pixi class, do you modify the js file directly or some other method? Thank you again.
  2. Code above (within a function called animate_head). Won't log "LOOPING" or stop, but the animation displays on canvas and loops infinitely. Have been looking through forums and have no clue. The stop() call is just so I know the onLoop is working. With or without that line, still doesn't log.