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    Hamza Wasim reacted to Xima in Zombie Math - Slitherio mixed with Math!   
    very cool game. I am very pleased with the fact that in the modern information world there are so many different developmental games that can make a child better in one area or another. It's also great that there are many valuable electronic resources that can help you with math, for example. One of these is for me and my child the site https://plainmath.net/ Here you can find methods for solving various complex mathematical problems that take a lot of time and take a lot of time. I recently read about methods for solving data interpretation problems.
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    Hamza Wasim reacted to k12gamer in Zombie Math - Slitherio mixed with Math!   
    Cool Game. I teach 1st grade and also make educational games.
    Graphics are good...and controls smoothly.
    Noticed some of the fonts look like the ones over at Flaming Text.
    I use some of those in my games too.
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    Hamza Wasim reacted to lchx in Freelancer Available for Full Game Development!   
    Hi Hamza, 

    Wishing you well. 

    I'm currently working on a fully remote perm opportunity - please check it out and let me know your thoughts.
    Kind regards,
    Lauren Chancellor 
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    Hamza Wasim got a reaction from vasilii in Warp Speed - Fun Music Game!   
    Hello Everyone!
    I just released my new game Warp Speed!
    It is a fun music game, where you need to dodge the obstacles.

     Cool Features :
    1. This game has an option to upload any audio file and play it in real-time. This gives a lot of uniqueness to this game!
    2. As the game progresses, the speed of the player(block) and the background music increases which makes this game adventurous and fun to play!
    Please check out the game and let me know your feedback!
    Demo Link : https://hamzawasim.net/portfolio/warpspeed
    Purchase Link : https://codecanyon.net/item/warp-speed-html5-game-admob-construct-3-construct-2-c3p-capx/27806061
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    Hamza Wasim got a reaction from Cannabijoy in Box Tower - An Addictive Game   
    I have created a game called Box Tower. I worked a lot to make it run smooth. Here is the link to the game: https://gamedistribution.com/games/box-tower-1

    Game Description :
    Box Tower is an addictive game. Drop the box that is moving on the other box. Touch, Mouse, And Keyboard all are supported.This game is compatible with Admob. This game is created using Construct 2.
    Game Instructions :
    While playing on pc or laptop use “Space” key to drop the box or press left click to drop the box. While playing on a smartphone or tablet, tap anywhere on the screen to drop the box.
    Game Features :
    Made with Construct 2 Full HD 1080×1920 pixels Touch, mouse, and keyboard support Sound effect Highscore  
    I would like to have your feedback about the game.
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    Hamza Wasim reacted to espace in Box Tower - An Addictive Game   
    Cool concept but the graphics could be better, more attractive...
    The speed could be also faster.
    Have a good day.
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