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  1. Looking for a developer ( individual not a group please)  who can help me update my existing website. It's written in PHP, and has a MySQL database. It has multiple flash games which need to be removed. Need to install several HTML5 games that are coming from CodeCanyon. Need to develop (in PHP) a leaderboard/scoring system. The HTML5 games will need to be modified to integrate with this new leaderboard backend." This is a paid job. If interested please contact me via email at:  abdiamond80190@gmail.com


    EDIT: Position has been filled. Thank you all who applied!

  2. I am looking for someone familiar with installing html5 and construct 2 games  I need help with my web site and the install ( large long established web site).  Patience and ability to teach a plus. I need an individual who can work 1 on 1  and consult. Freelance please  I am not interested in a large company. I need and want a single individual to work with. Please contact via email ( abdiamond80190@gmail.com  or on Discord  PhantomFire#7273 ) for details if interested. 


    EDIT: This position has been filled. Thank you all who applied.