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  1. I made a site manager that I have called nifty-site-manager ( or nsm for short and would love to know what people think about it. It would especially be cool if people used it to make html5 games, or a site made with nsm for people to host html5 games (also made with nsm). It's a cross-platform open source git-like and LaTeX-like site manager. If you like using git from the command line and/or like using LaTeX and also make sites then you might find it is the perfect tool for you.. It's easy to install with a c++ compiler (there's a make file just download from a BitBucket/GitHub/GitLab repository and run `make` and `make <os>-install`). There are template sites you can import (or fork/rename) and clone (including the official site, or my personal site linked from the bottom of the official nsm site with repository public on github). You can set up custom domains easily using Netlify with autorenewing Let's encrypt certificates. You can find nsm on too..