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  1. Hello Everyone, I am learning HTML5 for my upcoming interview and I am confuse to understand the difference between canvas and svg elements. I know in API animation, Canvas has no provision for API animation. SVG, on the contrary, is capable of API animation. I want to know about dependency and scalability between both of them. Can anyone know about it?
  2. Thanks guys to providing great resources, I have to go through all above and it's helpful to me. I am learning Javascript course from udemy with the help of this listed blog And I have found more courses related to javascript in udemy.
  3. Hi Everyone, So I'm attempting to learn Javascript as well as can be expected, and I'm considering what are the absolute best assets where I could learn it? Books, sites whatever you folks figure its the most ideal approach to learn without anyone else please I am truly getting a charge out of learning and I might want to seek after this as a lifelong one day.
  4. Check this for JavaScript tutorials submitted & voted by the programming community. I have also completed my Java course from there.