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  1. most game distribution sites pay too little to my opinion , is there any other site that pay well and answer mails ? thanks
  2. does anyone have the same problem ? what can i do if they not answering my mails ?
  3. why are you not paying and not answering emails ?
  4. why your are not paying me ? i sent you 10 payment request and didn't got any answer ! 

  5. in the past i got payed (like half year ago ) and now 1 month ago i send a payment request and didn't got any anwer i sent 10 mails in the last to 3 mails they got month and didn't got any answer i put their games in my website and we do revenu share, they do it with a lot of sites i belive they arn't paying ther webmasters as well so i wrote here to see if more site owners like me didn't got payments thanks for your answers !
  6. but they did pay me before, just now they are not answering any of my emails for 1 month ! i send like 10 mail over the last month , any case their paying system is soo not good ! what can i do if they will ignore me on other mail as well ?
  7. dear user , does anyone use famobi.com game in his website and didn't got payment ? i got over 1000 euro from their games , and when i send invoice and payment request they ignore me ! they don't answer to my mail !! what should i do ?
  8. famobi is not paying !!! they didn't pay me for 7 months and not answering me via emails i send to request payment ! over 1000 euro and over 10 mails and nothing !!!
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