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  1. Well, that was just an idea. I know that is impossible to avoid cheating, even on e-sports (on Lan) we found guys cheating, but I just want to get a way to make it harder for the cheaters. Then we can have the support from "terms & conditions", whereby any kind of cheating will be banned from the game. Because I would like to create some kind of competition where we attribute prizes based on the skill of the player. You might think, how I will get revenue to support the prizes, but that is another discussion. Right now, my only aim is to understand how to avoid cheating as much as
  2. Thank you guys. I looked at google and it seems very challenging, although I saw something that might be a "solution". How about something that will trigger the server side when the debugger is open for a very limit time, let's say 3 seconds? Then, after that we detect this user is been changing the code, I'm almost sure we can create a "ban" based on user_id? What you think guys? Thank you! PS: Sorry to be so persistent on this issue, but I'm sure I can challenge some of your brains
  3. Thank you for your help! As you said, there will be always people who will try to hack the system. Do you have any suggestion on how to prevent that? For example, I can include something on the terms and conditions that will say that any kind of hacking or abuse of the system won't be able to win the prize, but I was thinking more about on development side. Maybe some kind of log registration while the customer is playing that will identify changes on the code? or abnormal points in such a short time? (maybe this is a dumb question. sorry) Thank you!
  4. Hello guys! I really need your help on this. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thank you!!!
  5. Hello everyone! First of all, I will say sorry in advance just in case I do any dumb questions regarding the title of the topic. So basically I would like to check with you if it's possible to create a competition on HTML5 game with the purpose to compensate for the performance of the gamer. Let me give you an example to make it more understandable. Imagine that "Flappy bird - html5" will have some kind of score that is associated with each player and by the X time (day, week or month), the best player will get a prize. Questions: How hard is to create that? There's
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