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  1. Vizions

    Media slideshow

    Thanks @ivan.popelyshev. Do you know of any libraries that might make this possible?
  2. Vizions

    Media slideshow

    Hello all, Does anybody know if it is possible to detect when a video that is loaded has completed? Or even some basic detection and control (onComplete, onStart, play, stop). I am trying to create a media slideshow that supports images and mp4's. I have built a similar slideshow in the past with Timeline Max but it appears that there is no support for videos in the JS version. This is what I have so far (Just a quick prototype to build on). let renderer; let stage = new PIXI.Container(); let button; const loader = PIXI.loader; renderer = new PIXI.CanvasRenderer(1024, 768); document.body.appendChild(renderer.view); load(); function load() { loader.add('box', 'assets/yellowBox.png') .add('movie', 'assets/testVideo.mp4') .load((loader, resource) => { onAssetsLoaded(resource); }) } function onAssetsLoaded(resource) { console.log('loaded'); // Video stuff let videoData = resource['movie'].data; let videoBaseTexture = PIXI.VideoBaseTexture.fromVideo(videoData); let videoSprite = PIXI.Sprite.from(videoBaseTexture); stage.addChild(videoSprite); }
  3. Vizions

    Slot game

    Have you tried TweenLite delayedCall? I have worked on slots before. For the "Anticipation" effect we just increased the speed of the spin (increase y speed on ticker). Careful how you implement this. It can create a tearing effect. Hope this is helpful.
  4. Thank you @bubamara. Your help is highly appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the responses here is the link to the playground:
  6. Hello, First time posting on this forum. Issue: I am having issues using TweenMax when rendered in WebGL with PIXI. Nothing happens at all. If I change my code to use canvas it works just fine. Is anybody having similar or the same issues? Thanks for any help. let app = new PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(1920, 1080); document.body.appendChild(app.view); let stage = new PIXI.Container(); let testGraphic = new PIXI.Graphics(); testGraphic.beginFill(0x18FF10); testGraphic.drawRect(0, 0, 500, 500); stage.addChild(testGraphic);, 1, {pixi: {alpha: 0}}); app.render(stage);